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Knowledge of Steel

I. Knowledge of Galvanized Steel

  1. Coil manufacturing method
  2. Rust-proof galvanized steel function
  3. White rust, prevention and treatment
  4. Custody galvanized steel
  5. Steel shipping and handling
  6. Friction spots
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II Caution of Surface Treated Steel Sheet on Processing Operations


SECC & SGCC surface treatment (environmental) plate Caution

  1. Storage, handling attention
    • If leakage occurs in storage and handling, it may lead to rust. Handling it rain, moisture and condensation, please close attention. In addition, high temperature, sulfurous acid gas environment is not conducive to custody. Keep in a dry, clean room.
    • Please repair damaged packaging.
      • Zinkote21, Durgrip21 friction coefficient is lower than steel corrosion resistant chromate-treated steel sheet, has an easy sliding characteristics. Please note coils prevent tipping, rolling and scattered the plate. The event will be very dangerous.
      • During storage, make sure that the stable state, to prevent coil upset, roll and sheet metal scattered.
  2. Operation Note
    • If you use organic solvents to clean the steel surface, the surface of the organic film may cause damage or peeling.
    • If you attached to the oil and other foreign matter that may affect the coating performance.
  3. Processing note
    • If a higher degree of processing, may damage the cover film, make sure before using.
    • When stamping, if added extreme pressure lubricant additives, and sometimes may dissolve, corrode the surface coating and the underlying substrate.
    • Please confirm before use. In addition, it is recommended to use quick-drying oil.
    • If the surface coating of serious injury, then the coating properties and corrosion resistance can have a negative impact on the processing.
  4. Safety Precautions
    • In dismantling (cutting) the state of the strap holding coil, the coil ends to prevent pop-up, you should make the ends of the coil when using the coil coils are located at the side, end even when the pop-up coil when the rapid expansion of the outer coil can ensure the safety of space operations.
    • The flat coil of steel plate extending into a roll shape, if you remove the strap and other external forces cancellation holding coil state, coil ends of the coil of relaxation, making the rapid expansion of the outer coil. In this case, the coil may be close to people and goods and other damage.
  5. Welding,Brazing
    • For resistance welding, the electrode fouling occur, hence the need for proper maintenance and replacement. When seam welding, if the roll drive, can extend the life of the electrode.
    • It will take place in zinc oxide as a main component of the welding fumes. The degree of influence of zinc coating weight and operating environment varies, it is recommended that good ventilation venue operations.
    • For the brazing operation, please avoid using silver brazing temperature brazing. Doing so may result in zinc alloy grain boundary penetration, brittle failure.
  6. Skimmed
    • It recommends the use of a weakly basic organic solvent degreasing and neutral detergent. Because degreasing agent also has strong alkaline, which may result in the type of zinc corrosion,, before using confirmation.
    • Please be fully dry after degreasing, if used in dry insufficient state, coating peeling may occur.
  7. Aging
    • Typically, steel sheet has deteriorated and the material tends to change with the passage of time, that is reduce the processing occurs properties, tensile deformation and turns. To prevent this situation, it is recommended to use as soon as possible. In addition, if you choose the anti-aging properties of product specifications, you do not need to worry.
  8. Other
    • From ZINKOTE 21 and DURAGRIP 21 steel using the organic film, so if it is the case of long-term high temperature state, then before using to confirm.
    • Avoid use in acid and alkali areas.